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Tennis Pro: Edgar Giffenig
Golf Shop: 860.542.5494
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Edgar and his staff offer the following lessons and clinics.
Please contact Edgar to schedule a private lesson or sign up for a clinic.



Clinics are group lessons in which participants will work together to improve their games. Clinics will have different objectives and goals and will cover all key aspects of the game. A clinic will help you improve your game, meet more players, and test your game in a more realistic setting against a variety of opponents.

During a clinic Edgar or his assistant will try to balance the different levels of the participants, but expect to play with different players.

Morning Clinic (M/Th 9-10:30am, Sa/Su 10-11:30am): The clinic is open to men and women regardless of level of play, however beginners should join the C clinic. The theme for each session will be determined by Edgar based on the needs and wants of the participants.

Warm-up Clinic (W/F 4:30-5:30pm): The clinics will provide a chance to drill and get ready for the Round Robin events that follow them.

“C” Clinic (Fr/Sa 9-10:30am): Designed for players who have not played much tennis or who have not played in a long time. The idea is to help players feel more confident about their game and meet other players with whom they can play.  The clinic will offer a mix of practice and play.

“Set Up Your Own” Clinic: Invite three friends to join you for an hour or 1.5 hours and have your own private clinic with Edgar or his assistant.  This can be a mix of drills and/or   match play.

Cardio (Sa/Su 11:30-12:30pm): Cardio Tennis is designed to workout and get fit on the tennis court.  The class is high paced and involves constant moving.  The main focus of the clinic is fitness.  Participants will improve their stamina, speed, strength and flexibility.  Expect a great workout, lots of hitting, constant motion, and a great variety of fitness activities.

Intense Multi-Day Clinics  

These are multi-day (three hours per day) events where players will have a chance to work on all aspects of their games. While the clinics are designed as multi-day events, we understand that people are busy and it is difficult to commit to the entire program. Therefore, we will do our best to be flexible and accommodate your schedule if you want to come for a day or two. Advanced sign-up is required. Please speak with Edgar if you have any questions.

Late Bloomers: June 23: 9-2pm, July 20: 1-4pm, July 21: 9-12pm, August 3: 1-4pm, August 4: 9-12pm

This clinic is for players that have not played much tennis or that have not played in a long time.  The idea of the clinic is to provide an opportunity for players to work on their games in a relaxed and unthreatening setting. The clinic is meant as a platform towards a lifetime of fun on the court. At the end of the clinic players will feel much more comfortable rallying and playing games.

Doubles Clinics: 9-12pm June 30, July 13 & 14, Aug 10 & 11

This clinic is for players of all levels that can rally consistently with others. The goal is to work on improving your doubles game through drills, exercises and match play. After the clinic you should understand the tactical concepts of the game much better and feel more comfortable on the court.



Court Reservations


Players may reserve courts 5 and 6 through the Skedda reservation system. (The same one we used last year.)

Please keep in mind:

  1. You need to register if you have never used the system.
  2. The system is only for court reservations. It cannot be used to book lessons. (You must call or email to schedule lessons.)
  3. You may only reserve courts 5 and 6. (Courts 3 and 4 are reserved for lessons.)
  4. You may book for a maximum of 90 minutes.
  5. You may only book for your upcoming tennis session.  That is, you can only book one session at a time. 
  6. You are not allowed to reserve a court on the day of play.  You must book it at least a day in advance. (This is to avoid players getting on a court that seems to be free and then being asked to leave by other players who just booked it.)
  7. Follow the link below to make reservations.

Events & Tournaments



Tournament Fee:  $30

Round Robins (Wed 5:30pm / Fridays 5:30pm) These events are get-togethers on the courts for 1.5 hours. Participants will play singles or doubles with a variety of partners against different opponents. The idea is to play three rounds with different partners against different teams. These events are a great way to play and meet new people in a fun and relaxed environment. Expect to play with all levels of players.

May 28: Triplets  (2hr round robin)              

June 4: MIXED George Biro (3hr round robin)   

June 24: MEN’S & WOMEN’S Member/Guest 3hr round robin                           

July 15-16: B doubles Championship  (3hr round robin Saturday. Final on Sunday)

July 16: Wimbledon Finals & lunch

July 22& 23:MIXED Club Championship Doubles

July 29/30 & August 5/6: MEN’S & WOMEN’S Singles Club Championship

August 12/13 MEN’S & WOMEN’S Doubles Club Championship

August 19-20: B singles Championship (3hr round robin Saturday. Final on Sunday)

Sept 2-4: MIXED Tobey Jug