The Norfolk Country Club is a private club in the northwest hills of Connecticut that for more than a century has served as an ideal summer retreat for fun and friendship for its members. Golf on its nine-hole course, tennis, and a host of other social activities, including lunches and dinners, fill the agenda each season.

For Members, this website is designed to be calendar-driven. Simply put, almost all the information you need is contained in the calendar. Want to know who the next Thursday night speaker is? Click on the bar on the Thursday in which you are interested, and you will be shown the speaker, the subject of the talk, and a bio.

To make a reservation for any event, click reservations on any page (top navigation menu). Similarly, tennis players and golfers can find out about tournaments, lessons, and the like. In the upper left-hand corner of the calendar is a categories list that will filter the calendar by category. Some people are only interested in golf.

For a brief history of the Club, please click here to learn how it got its start in the early 1900s and flourished to become what it is today—still a little club in the country.

House Reservations 860.542.5606 or manager@norfolkcountryclub.com
Golf Pro Shop 860.542.5282 or norfolkcc@att.net
Tennis Pro Shop 860.542.5494

Upcoming Events

Norfolk Country Club Calendar

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May 2016
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Golf: 3:00pm Northwestern Regional #7 High School Golf Team match

May 9 15:00
Golf: 1:00 –2:30pm

Get Golf Ready Clinic: Putting and Chipping

May 15 13:00 14:00
Golf: CT PGA PRO AM Tournament Ellington Ridge

May 16
Golf: 8:30am NW Seniors at Sharon

May 17 8:30
Golf: 3:00pm Northwestern Regional #7 High School Golf Team Match

May 17 15:00
Golf: 3:00pm Northwestern Regional #7 High School Golf Team

May 17 15:00
11:00 – 2:30pm Brunch Service

May 22 11:00 14:30
Golf: 1:00m – 2:00pm

Get Golf ready Clinic: Pitching and Bunkers

May 22 13:00
Tennis: 10:00am Adult Beginner Clinic

May 25 10:00
11:30am – 2:00pm Lunch Service

May 25 11:30
Tennis: 4:30pm Adult Clinic

May 25 16:30
Golf: 5:00pm Scramble

May 25 17:00
5:30 – 8:30pm Dinner Service

May 25 17:30
Tennis: 5:30pm Round Robin

May 25 17:30
11:30 – 2:30pm Lunch Service

May 26 11:30
Tennis: 9:30 – 11:00am Doubles Round Robin

May 29 9:30
11:00 – 2:30pm Brunch Service

May 29 11:00 14:30
11:00 – 12:00pm Tough Tennis

May 29 11:00 12:00
Social: 11:00am – 1:00pm NCC’s Annual Children’s Party

May 29 11:00
1:00pm Member Informational Welcome Meeting


May 29 13:00
Golf: 3:00 – 5:00pm A guided stroll to discover our golf course


May 29 14:00
Golf: 2:00 – 3:00pm Get Golf Ready Clinic:Irons

May 29 14:00
5:00 – 6:00pm Refreshments in the clubhouse

May 29 17:00
11:30am – 2:30pm Lunch Service

May 30 11:30

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NCC Terrace

Bridge, Dining, Golf, and Tennis

The Norfolk Country Club continues its popular tradition of Tuesday night bridge games. Our 2014 season begins June 10 and runs through August 26.

Sign up to play by clicking here: All signups must be received by Tuesday at 1:00 pm.

Registration for each game closes at 1:00 on the day of the game. If by that deadline, there is a half table, the last pair on the list should help find two more players to fill the table. If the additional players cannot be found, the last pair agrees to drop out of the game. Players are expected to find their own substitutes.

Sign up instructions:

-Enter your name and your partner’s name in the Doodle form. Please enter both names together. Example: Borden/Fanette.

-Select the game or games in which you would like to play and then click the “save” button. We will post dates a month worth in advance.

Substitutes: If you do not have a regular partner, enter your name as a substitute. Once you find your partner, please edit your entry on the Doodle form.

Games begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and everyone is encouraged to come to
the dinner buffet before the games start.

The winner of the “Melvin Trophy” will be the best average of 7 or more scores accrued by an NCC member during the summer season, Tuesday, June 10 – Tuesday, August 26.

Guests: Guests are welcome to attend with a sponsoring member and may play unlimited games throughout the season. The guest fee is $10.00 (chit basis) per evening.

Weekly Prizes: Two dollars will be collected from each party bridge player for the “kitty.” Prizes will be awarded each Tuesday to the four highest scoring pairs of the night.

Bridge at other Times: Bridge tables can be set up by NCC staff for any member wanting to form private games at times other than Tuesday evening.

Duplicate Bridge
We would like to organize duplicate bridge games periodically over the summer. These games will be open to players of all skill levels. Dates and details to follow.

New this season: We will be altering game scoring method slightly to adhere to the preferred method for scoring Chicago or 4-deal bridge games.

A lot is the same, but the main difference is there will be no carrying of part scores or points for honors. Below is a brief outline:

The vulnerability varies from hand to hand in a fixed pattern as follows:
• Hand 1: Dealer North; neither side vulnerable
• Hand 2: Dealer East; North-South vulnerable
• Hand 3: Dealer South; East-West vulnerable
• Hand 4: Dealer West; both sides vulnerable

The score for each hand: # of tricks plus bonus.
Part score bonus: 50
Game Bonus (non-vulnerable): 300
Game Bonus (vulnerable): 500

Example: 2 of spades making 3 is 140 (90 + 50), 4 of hearts vulnerable is 620 (120 + 500)

There is no accumulation of part scores or games from deal to deal. The result is simply the total score over the 4 deals played.

There will be a scoring guide on each table and someone from the Bridge Committee will be present for each game to answer any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to seeing you Tuesday nights this summer!

Thank you,
The Bridge Committee
Mary Fanette, Chair
Libby Borden
Sally Estock
Buzz Peacock


Bridge Season: June 10 – August 26
Bridge Committee:
Mary Fanette, Chair, fanettem@mac.com, 860-542-1865
Libby Borden libbygp@aol.com, 860-806-2010
Sally Estock, sallyestock@gmail.com, 860-379-6442
Buzz Peacock, buzz12561@gmail.com, 860-542-5663

Dinner Buffet – Open to all NCC Members & Guests
6:00 pm – 7:00pm, $16.50 (Chit Basis)
Guest Players (Guests must play with a sponsoring member)
Guest Fee $10.00

Beginners Welcome
Contact Mary or Lisa Auclair (542-5606), nccbridge@norfolkcountryclub.com


More information to come from the House Committee.

Brunch Service every Sunday, 10:30am-2:30pm (Brunches begin May 25)

Lunch Service every day except Mondays, 11:30am-2:30pm (Lunch Service begins on June 24)

Friday Dinner Service 5:30-9:00pm, Bar Service until Midnight (Friday Dinners begin May 30)

Saturday Lunches 11:30-2:30 (Saturday Lunches begin May 31)

Saturday Dinner Service 6:00-9:00pm,  Bar Service until Midnight (Saturday Dinners begin May 31)

Information to come from the Golf Committee.

Information to come from the Tennis Committee.

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NCC TennisNCC GolfNCC Terrace

About the Norfolk Country Club

Board of Governors

President, Kathy Robb
Vice President, Denise Buchanan
Secretary, Coleen Hellerman
Treasurer, Trish Deans

Sally Estock
Doug Healy
Betsy Little
Pepe Lopez
Roger Miller
Michael Petrillo
Tim Ronda
Barry Roseman

Club Contact Information

Clubhouse: 860.542.5606
Manager: Lisa Auclair
Ron Pfaefflin, Golf: 860.542.5282
J.B. Nickles, Tennis: 860.542.5494

The Norfolk Country Club
PO Box 441
Norfolk, CT 06058

Clubhouse Opens Friday, May 20th
Clubhouse Closed Mondays in July and August, and on holidays only
Clubhouse Closed for the season on Tuesday, October 11th
Reservations required 2 days prior to event (except Thursday Night Speakers)
Reservations for Thursday Night Speakers due Wednesday at noon

Please provide any updated contact information to the Communications Committee at communications@norfolkcountryclub.com

Committee Chairs

Bridge: Mary Fanette
Buildings & Grounds: Roger Mitchell
Entertainment: Abigail Cusick, Warner Hotchkiss
Finance: Robert Dance
Golf & Greens: John Wallace
House: Christina Vanderlip, Roger Mitchell
Infrastructure: John Perkins
Ladies’ Golf: Eva Blachere
Membership: Denise Buchanan
Nominating: Grant Mudge, Win Hotchkiss
Tennis: Ashley Rowe
Thursday Night Program: Janet Spencer
Children’s Program: Caitlin Macy